Lipson The Co-operative Academy

Lipson Co-operative Academy


Principal for the Day

This year students had an opportunity to apply for the position of Principal at Lipson Co-operative Academy for the day of children in need. Lynda Budd, Principal received a large number of applications for her role - most students wrote a letter of application but there were some very creative alternatives put forward too such as videos, power points and votes of support from their peers. The successful candidate spent the day shadowing the Principal, enabling her to gain a real insight into the running of a large Secondary School and get to see what really happens behind the scenes. At Lipson, the successful candidate - year 13 student Helen Netting started the day by introducing herself to fellow staff members and sharing notices for the day at the morning briefing. The day was packed and she spent her time being around school involved in meetings, working with students, paperwork and the day to day running of the school behind the scenes.

Mrs Budd, principal said “this was a great opportunity for Helen to see what really goes on behind the scenes of running a large secondary school, it was great to see how enthusiastic and interested she was about taking up this opportunity".

Helen Netting, year 13 student said "there were so many applications for this opportunity, I was delighted to be chosen and undertake the role.  I would like to be a teacher when I am older so this was a chance for me to see behind the scenes of our school and wow, our teachers and Principal work hard to make Lipson such a positive learning environment".