Lipson The Co-operative Academy

Lipson Co-operative Academy






Mr Steve Baker

Mrs Joanne Crisp

Mrs Debbie MacLeod

Mr Roger Williams


Governors and Trustees


Chair - Debbie Macleod C/O Lipson Co-operative Academy, Bernice Terrace, Plymouth, PL4 7PG

Vice Chair - Roger Williams


Committee Chair Person

Curriculum - 

Finance - Debbie Macleod

Inclusion - Richard Hodson

Personnel - Roger Williams


 Title       Forename       Surname      Area(s) of Responsibility   Designation Period of Office
              From To
 Mr  Kevin John  Bishop Parent 12/07/2017 11/07/2021
 Mrs   Lynda    Budd  All Committees (Excluding Pay)   Ex Officio    
 Mr  Jim    Byrne     Staff  06/07/2016  05/07/2020
 Mrs  Joanne    Crisp  Curriculum/Inclusion   Community  06/07/2016  05/07/2020
 Mr  Chris    Glazier  Curriculum/Finance inc H&S   Member Appointed  30/09/2016  29/09/2020
 Mrs  Margaret    Hall  Curriculum/Inclusion/Personnel   Parent  14/01/2013  13/01/2017
 Mrs  Amanda    Harris  Inclusion/Personnel   Parent  08/07/2015  05/07/2020
 Mr  Richard    Hodson  Curriculum/Inclusion   Co-opted  08/07/2015  02/07/2019
 Mrs  Debbie    MacLeod  All Committees   Community  18/12/2016  18/12/2020
 Mrs  Kerry    Sumareh  Inclusion    Parent   30/09/2016  29/09/2020
 Mrs  Lucy    Taylor  Finance inc H&S/Personnel   Co-opted  06/01/2016  06/01/2020
 Mrs  Nicky    Williams  Curriculum/Inclusion   Community  25/11/2014  24/11/2018
 Mr  Roger    Williams  Curriculum/Finance inc  H&S/Pay/Personnel   Co-opted  01/09/2013  31/08/2017


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