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Principal's Blog 6th January 2017


Happy New Year and welcome back to school! Spring term has begun and is already filling up with lots of key events for our students and local community.

We began this week with a staff training day run by our own school improvement groups led by teachers; it was an extremely positive way to begin the year as the buzz from staff regarding their plans for the term ahead was infectious. As always, it was inspiring listening to their plans and seeing the examples of good practice showcased. Our staff are passionate about teaching and learning and as a result our students get a good deal – they deserve it. They only get one chance of a good education and we are here to ensure they get it.

This week has seen the preparation of several extra-curricular activities ready to unfold – we have 50 students registered on the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme at both Bronze and Silver level. The enthusiasm and dedication shown by these students in taking on this challenge is impressive.

In addition, final preparations are underway for our Ski trip to Italy, which will see 39 of our students across all year groups hit the slopes in Italy at the beginning of February. For many, this is the first time they will ski, so it is a great opportunity for them. Bormio, where they will be skiing in Italy, is a very wellknown resort and there is certainly a lot planned for the week in which they are there.

Our first Parents’ forum of the year will be held next Thursday (12th January) at 6.30pm with myself and all parents/carers are welcome to attend. It is an opportunity to hear about upcoming events and how parents/carers can be involved.

This is going to be a great term; there is huge spirit in the school and we are working together well. Happy New Year.


Mrs Lynda Budd