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An exploration into issues surrounding participation levels of girls and boys in physical activity and exercise; with a specific focus on a sample of key stage 3 & 4 students within an inner city school in the South West.


The purpose of this study was to research a topic that was not only of personal interest but will relate to my everyday pedagogy as physical education practitioner. With the alarming levels of obesity among young children and adults and the Government demanding a fitter and not fatter nation, there is a growing amount of pressure to reduce physical inactivity. Whilst there is a range of literature that supports the introduction of physical activity into children’s lives there is an a bigger range of publications and legislations that are current to this global issue. The prevalence of girls being physically inactive and detesting their physical education experience is gaining more and more newspaper coverage, something which I take personally in fact. If young girls are being put off exercise and movement due to their school experience of PE then there has to be a rapid and sustained change. However the restraints on schools and practitioners put in place by the government, who demand a level of skill acquisition which takes time to be delivered. As a direct result, students are then spending more time listening and not moving, again, this is something that will be explored further.

I used questionnaires to survey levels of physical activity and also gave participants an opportunity to share their experience of physical education; I urged children to be honest in order to gain a realistic field of response within my results. In conclusion, this study looks at the present trends and perceptions in an inner city secondary school in the South West of England. A range of literature has been explored and generally shares the same consensus, that children are leading a more sedentary lifestyle rather than a physically active one.


Katy Geraghty (PE)

Completed through the University of St Mark and St John