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Can the Results Only Learning Environment (R.O.L.E) lead to increased student engagement and achievement in GCSE Catering?


GCSE Catering students have continually achieved very high results in their practical examinations and controlled assessments; however, these results have not been replicated in their written examinations. 

There is an urgent to address this area of poor performance and raise achievement in the theory examinations as this is having a negative impact on the students’ overall grades.  I have been looking at ways of delivering theory revision lessons that could help to address these issues.

Raising achievement is a faculty and school goal, allowing every child to reach their full potential in this and every other subject.  My study looks to explore this by giving more control of the learning to the learners, accompanied by clear and detailed guidance and feedback.

My reading and research has required me to re-think my approach to the theory and revision lessons along with how I facilitate these.  It has widened my ideas on how this can best be achieved and has introduced me to a number of new delivery methods.  The results gained using ‘traditional’ teaching methods had, since using one GCSE Catering exam board, resulted in students under-achieving and failing to reach their target grades due to the theory examination.  In order to correct this, I needed to change my approach to how the theory portion of the course was delivered and how the students were prepared for the written examination.  My hope being, that if I could find a way that allowed students to gain, retain and recall knowledge more easily, this would improve their written examination grade and therefore their overall grade for the subject.  I set myself the goal of finding such a style and method for the benefit of both student and teacher.


Jo Landsborough (Food Technology)

Completed through The University of St Mark and St John