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Cashless Catering

What is it and how does it work?

Cashless Catering is a system whereby no cash is handed over at the till points, therefore reducing queuing times and giving more free time for Students.

How it works

On their first day at Lipson Academy, all students are issued with a cashless card which will be unique to that student.  They will have their photo taken, and that will then be put onto the cashless system.   When the card is swiped the students’ photo and details will come up on the till.

The card can be credited with money at two points near the canteens  one, takes notes and coins the other only coins.   When the card is swiped at the Revaluator, the students name and present balance will be shown.   The student then simply adds the money and pushes the red button to finish the transaction the card is now topped up with money and ready for use.

 Once the card has been credited with money the student will then be able to go into the canteen and purchase food & drink.   All they need to do is hand over their card at the till and the food to be purchased will be debited from their card.

Free School Meal (FSM) Allowance

If your child is entitled to a FSM the allowance will go onto their card at around 9.30am every morning.   Additionally, they can also add their own money to the cashless card.    

When they purchase food the system will automatically debit their FSM money first, if your child goes over the FSM allowance it will then debit the money they’ve added.

If Students do not use all their FSM allowance on any particular day it will not be carried over to the following day, it will be wiped clear and will then be renewed the following day at 9.30am.