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Co-operative Learning

Lipson is a special place in which to learn. Our teachers use a range of strategies to engage and inspire students to unlock their potential. We believe that all people learn better together. This is why we use a method of teaching known as co-operative learning. Co-operative learning is a structured and disciplined approach that encourages dialogue and promotes confidence in the learner. It involves deep thinking and active participation that students find challenging and motivational. A co-operative classroom is one that relies on open and constructive dialogue. As well as developing interdependence in lessons, students are encouraged to improve their independence so learning the skills that will enable them to succeed throughout their lives. Teachers have very high expectations of all our students. They provide challenging activities that ensure students work hard both at home and in school. As a result, our

students regularly meet and exceed their potential, frequently achieving the highest grades.

Students receive training in small group social skills through teambuilding and class building activities, and in learning the teacher ensures that the conditions of Positive Interdependence, Individual Accountability, Equal Participation and Simultaneous Interaction are met. These conditions of a co-operative classroom demonstrate our commitment to our values:

Positive Interdependence – solidarity; social responsibility

Individual Accountability – self help; self responsibility

Equal Participation – democracy; equality; equity

Social Interaction – solidarity; caring for others; honesty and openness


Co-operative Learning