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Health and Social Care


Key Stage 4

KS4 Exam Board


Edexcel (BTEC)


A split of 60% coursework and 40% exam.

Unit 1: Health, Social Care and Children's Services


This unit will enable candidates to gain knowledge and understanding of the main health, social care and children's service provision available to meet individuals' needs.

Candidates will learn about:

• care needs of individuals;

• types of care services;

• the ways of obtaining care services and the barriers to access;

• the main work roles and skills of people who provide health, social care and

children's services;

• the principles of care.


Unit 2: Human Growth and Development


To provide effective care, workers within health, social care and children's services

need to know about the different ways that people grow and develop during their

lives. This unit will allow candidates to gain knowledge and understanding of the

process of human growth and development and the different factors that can affect


Candidates will learn about:

• human growth and development;

• the factors affecting growth and development;

• the development of self concept;

• life changes and sources of support.


Students will require a range of skills which will include; research, verbal and written communication, application of the care values and investigating people's needs throughout the lifespan.

To progress to A-level students would be expected to achieve a grade C or above.  


Useful Website Resources - NHS - BBC Health - Examination Board Website


Which Books Support the learning?

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Fisher, A (et al) (2012)  Health and Social Care AS level  Oxford

Moonie, N (2006)  Health and Social Care A2 level  Heinemann

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Key Stage 5

KS5 Exam Board


The A Level in Health and Social Care is an ideal qualification for those wishing to attend university or begin a career in Health, Social Care or Early Years. You will gain an awareness of the important links between Health, Social Care, Education and other fields, ranging from sociology and nutrition to ethics and psychology. You will develop an understanding of issues affecting the health, social and early years sectors; develop the skills to make an effective contribution to the care sector, including skills in research, evaluation and problem-solving and also prepare for further study and training within employment or University.

What will you study?

This course can be studied as a single AS, double AS, single A2 or double A2. Progression to A2 Level will be dependent on performance at AS level.

AS outline (single award)

Unit 1: Promoting Quality Care

Unit 2: Communication in Care Settings

Unit 3: Promoting Good Health AS Double Award

Unit 6: Working in Early Years and Education

Unit 7 or 8: Health as a lifestyle choice or Complementary Therapies

Unit 9: Caring for Older People A2 Outline (double award)

Unit 10: Care Practice and Provision

Unit 11: Understanding Human Behaviour

Unit 14: Mental Health Issues A2 Double Award

Unit 13: Child Development

Unit 12: Anatomy and Physiology in Practice and Development

Unit 16: Research methods in HSC