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How does the curriculum offered at 14 – 16 reflect the values and ethos of Co-operative Schools?


The Co-operative Schools movement is a rapidly growing movement in England whereby co-operative values such as equality and equity underpin the day to day operation of the school. As such, Co-operative Schools reflect a particular set of values and ethos in an ever changing educational landscape. My particular interest is in exploring how Co-operative Schools construct a curriculum offer for Key Stage 4 (ages 14 – 16) which meets the needs of stakeholders and yet reflects their values. This project is exploring the design for a doctoral research project using a case study approach to allow an ‘in-depth study’ of 3 Co-operative schools in the South of England to explore the curriculum offer but more importantly how the voices of stakeholders, held so important within Cooperative education, are mediated.

Tracey Downes

Completed with the University of Plymouth