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Leading change within the curriculum: an exploration into the leadership experience and its short term effects.


With excitement and trepidation, I began my role as Head of English within an inner city secondary co-operative academy in September 2014. Having never explored the research evidence surrounding the issues of leadership, I immediately began to question what it really takes to lead a successful department within an educational setting in order to inform my own practice positively. External factors within education quickly transpired within the first month of my role as a leader and it became apparent that change was not only necessary, but the key focus for my year ahead as a Head of Department. 

Educational change has, and will always be, a key factor within the role of an educational leader due to the external political pressures and change within England. Government policy drives educational change and the fluctuation of political viewpoints and changing

governments will always ensure that educational leaders need to be at the forefront of translating these changes effectively for students and teachers alike. This research aims to explore the effects that educational change has had on my own leadership this year, looking through a reflective journey across the period of an educational academic year whereby I changed the examination board and specification for our Year 11 cohort sitting GCSE English Language. This will also encompass the wider reaching effects that my own leadership has had on the English Department as a whole throughout the year; it is impossible to separate the people from the policies. As a leader, my vision at the start of the year was to increase pupil attainment and progress within the subject, with a more direct focus on improving attainment and progress for exam outcomes at the end of Year 11. However, it soon became clear that leading a team and encouraging the ‘followership’ I desired (Fullan, 2003) would require the need to explore my own abilities as a leader with a focus on overcoming resistance to change, through my own research and continuing determination to learn and promote change within myself.


Claire Jones (English)

Completed through The University of St Mark and St John