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Driving the progress and confidence of all learners, levelling the unequal playing field that young people are presented with, is the core purpose of Lipson’s Research Group. We focus specifically on areas of practice that will benefit disadvantaged learners, whether this is economic or social in cause, or originates in a Special Educational Need. Volunteers, both teaching and non-teaching staff, attend a programme of talks given by guest speakers. Topics are chosen and sessions arranged by Vikki Cargin, our Research Lead.

Volunteers hear from experts in key fields, and across this year will be attending lectures given by (among others):

Kate Jones, an internationally recognised expert in retrieval practice.

Liza Barry, a Social Worker with expertise in trauma-informed practice.

Alex Quigley, an EEF Content Manager and published expert on the teaching of reading and writing.

Tom Bennett, a published expert on behaviour and a senior advisor to the Department for Education.

Dr Logan Fiorella, the world’s foremost expert in the cognitive science of habits.

Jon Eaton, Director of the Kingsbridge Research School