Lipson The Co-operative Academy

Lipson Co-operative Academy


Lunch Time

Opening times for lunch are 1:20pm - 1:50pm

We produce all of our main meals fresh every day and provide a vegetarian choice at each service.


Main Meal - £2.10

Meal Deal Including Pudding - £2.20

A side salad is free with every meal


Roast Meal - £2.10

All main meals are served with bread


Pick 'n' Mix Grab Bags £2.20


Jacket Potatoes

Plain Jacket - £1.10

Jacket With One Filling - £1.65

Jacket With Two Fillings - £2.00

All served with side salad



Salad Pot - £1.60

Pasta Pot - £1.50

Fruit Pot - £1.00

Granola Pot - £1.40