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Mathematics - students perceptions of the subject.


The reason for embarking on this project was to research an area of Mathematics that, not only I am very passionate about, but one that relates to my everyday pedagogy as a mathematics practitioner. With more and more demands from the government to improve the performance of secondary schools, specifically within core subjects, the methods used for teaching mathematics are under scrutiny. Having worked in an inner-city secondary school in the South West of England for 8 years I can see the need for change. Mathematics seems to be the subject that it is OK to dislike causing many students to have very negative views towards it. The aim of this research is to look at reasons why mathematics is one of the least favourite subjects for many and to look at how changing teaching methods might improve perceptions and attitudes towards it and therefore make it more enjoyable.

I have used questionnaires to ascertain student’s perceptions of Mathematics, in particular those of Year 7 students. I have also looked at the numeracy levels of Year 7 students to see if those with greater number sense are more confident and hence enjoy mathematics more. In conclusion, this study looks at the ways to develop understanding within mathematics which in turn will hopefully improve number sense along with perceptions and attitudes towards the subject. A range of literature been explored and generally shares the same consensus, that teaching and understanding is more successful than rote learning.


Linda Blount (Mathematics)

Completed through the University of St Mark and St John