Lipson The Co-operative Academy

Lipson Co-operative Academy


Heading in the right direction

Lipson Co-operative Academy is clearly a school heading in the right direction under the leadership of its’ Principal, Mrs Lynda Budd. One that is full of progress, passion and a values driven approach to both education and life. Results are just a part of what the school views as being important, and Lynda is rightly very proud of the academic success of the school. Following 2016 GCSE results, the school is now ranked the third highest achieving school within Plymouth based on the progress of its pupils, scoring a positive Progress 8 score of +0.05. Lynda says that, “this can be attributed to the hard work of our staff and the insistence on the highest academic standards within our personalised curriculum.”

As a Co-operative School, there is a genuine feeling of belonging when you walk into Lipson Co-operative Academy. All stakeholders, including parents, staff and students are overjoyed that the co-operative spirit is driven within the school under the leadership of Mrs Budd. She is a passionate woman who can often be found putting her energy to great use through competitive cycling; it is this passion and dynamism that she applies to both her own pursuits and her professional life in school.

Mrs Budd said, “I approach education in the same way as I approach everything- with vigour and enthusiasm. It is vital in this competitive jobs market that all students at Lipson are developed fully. Our mission is to be exceptional in all that we do and encourage our students to ‘be all that they can be.’ We want our students to be well rounded individuals who are prepared and able to play a full role in the world in which they live.”


“I approach education in the same way as I approach everything- with vigour and enthusiasm”

- Lynda Budd, Principal


It is clear that Lynda has put this vision into action this year with a range of enrichment activities taking place such as a Ski Trip to Bormio in February, Debate and Public Speaking events that showcase student success and more residentials planned for the Summer term. All of these activities are aimed at engaging students who strive to succeed in all areas of their lives through truly bringing their learning to life. As a result, Lipson Co-operative Academy students are articulate, confident and ready to face the bright world before them.