Lipson The Co-operative Academy

Lipson Co-operative Academy


Ofsted Letter for Students

Dear Students,

Inspection of Lipson Community College, Plymouth PL4 7PG

This letter is to thank you for your help during the recent inspection and to give you
our findings. We were very impressed by the positive welcome you gave to us. This
is what we found out during the inspection, and the further improvements we have

Lipson is a good school and achievement has risen steadily over several years.
Although many of you leave the college with a high number of GCSE and
vocational qualifications, too few of you make rapid enough progress in English
and mathematics. English is already improving quickly, but we have asked the
college to accelerate the progress you make in mathematics.

We were very impressed by the happy, positive atmosphere in the college, where
everyone is treated as an individual and it is ‘okay to be different’. Your behaviour
is excellent, both in lessons and around the college. You told us you feel safe,
listened to and well cared for and that the staff are there to help if you need
them. Your attendance is improving all the time, but could still be better.

You also told us that teaching is improving so more of you are making good
progress. You like the way teachers organise very active lessons with lots of
discussion and group work. They also help you to improve your literacy and
communication skills in subjects other than English. We have asked teachers to
make sure that those of you with less serious special educational needs are given
more guidance in lessons and those who are more able are challenged.

The curriculum is outstanding and you told us you enjoy the ‘short, fat courses’ at
GCSE, performing arts, and the opportunities to learn different things on ‘Wicked
Wednesday’ and in tutorial sessions.

The college’s senior leaders and staff value your views and use them to help
decide what works best for you. You told us that you trust them to listen and
continue to make improvements to the college.

Yours sincerely

Mary Massey
Her Majesty's Inspector