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Art, Photography and Textiles (Art)

Meet the Staff

Tabatha Gravener - Head of Art. Teacher of Art, Textiles and Photography

Rhys Phillips - Head of Media and Photography. Teacher of Art, Media and Photography

Debbie Sweet - Teacher of Textiles

Amanda Lockhart - Teacher of Art

Tobias Pyrke - Teacher of Art

Stacy Chapman, Art Technician

Years 7 & 8


At Lipson during year 7 and 8 Art classes we make sure that all students gain a rich and varied Art education. Students will all learn key artistic skills such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, photography and digital Art techniques. Students will also learn the importance of design, research, analysis and review leading to a more sophisticated view of their own work and their lives in general. Students will learn about presentation, work together in groups and create mini exhibitions of their work. Students will begin to design and explore individual outcomes and respond to personalised targeting and questioning.

Years 9, 10 & 11

KS4 Exam Board


At Lipson we encourage individuality in Art at GCSE level. All students may start from the same theme during their coursework project but will soon start to study their own individual ideas and passions. All students will develop their artistic skill with the use of a variety of materials and tools. They produce a range of different coursework projects and a controlled assignment in year 11.  Students will learn to discuss and analyse their own work as well as that of other artists as well as their peers. Students will explore ideas and respond to a variety of starting points. At Lipson we believe that Art education is not only excellent for exploring a students creative nature but also for responding to their place in their local community, wider society and as a global citizen. Through the individualised nature of the course students are given the chance to explore current social issues as well as exciting techniques. This course is an essential preparation for anyone wishing to have a career in the creative industries.

Years 12 & 13

KS5 Exam Board

Edexcel and AQA

At Lipson we are proud to offer a range of creative subjects at KS5 that include A levels in Art, Photography and Textiles. Student studying these subject receive some of the highest grades in the college and often go on to college and university to pursue a career in the creative industries. Students are encouraged to learn and develop their ability with key skills and techniques, explore ideas, styles, movements as well as designing their own products in response to a variety of starting points. Students study highly individual pathways and develop an excellent skill level in their chosen pursuit.



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