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Key Stage 3

All topics covered at KS3 are directly linked to KS4. This ensures students have a base level of knowledge as well as the skills needed to start units at GCSE and thus be able to explore and unpick themes and issues in more detail.

After completing a baseline skills assessment Units covered in year 7 are based around - 'Our changing physical world ' - They include: Active Zone, Climate Change, Living Things and Water.

At year 8 - The focus shifts to 'Our changing human world' - Units include: Tourism, Population, Development and Globalisation.


Key Stage 4

KS4 Exam Board


AQA (2018)


With current year 11 we use WJEC spec A. We are moving to AQA with current year 9 and 10.

Currently there are two papers -

'CORE' which includes Water, Climate Change, Active Zone, Population, Globalisation and Development.

'OPTIONS' which includes more extended answers (linked to KS5) and includes topics - Tourism, Living Things and Coasts.

Skills acquired in Geography are vast and extremely transferable. We cover - graph analysis, photo analysis, OS map reading, direction, numeracy, map analysis, resource analysis, scenario analysis, decision making, fieldwork, data collection, route to enquiry.

Year 9 and 10 are currently taking the AQA exam board to be first examined in 2018. Here is an overview of the course. The layout of assessment is illustrated below. 

Living with the physical environment
  • Section A: The challenge of natural hazards
  • Section B: The living world
  • Section C: Physical landscapes in the UK


Challenges in the human environment
  • Section A: Urban issues and challenges
  • Section B: The changing economic world
  • Section C: The challenge of resource management
  • Geographical applications


Section A: Issue evaluation

Section B: Fieldwork (we must complete 2 fieldworks over the 3 years)


Geographical skills are completed throughout


Useful Website Resources - Google drive, classroom and email



Which books support the learning?

We provide all relevant textbooks and texts and each student will receive a revision guide for GCSE.

We also have access to digital reading resources and ebooks:

ID: lipsonacad

Login – andersonb (your surname and then initial!)

Password – lipson (must change it your own)


Key Stage 5

KS5 Exam Board


AQA (2018 A2)


At AS - two papers -

'Human Environments' - Population and Settlement (G2)

'Physical Environments' - Climate Change, Hydrology and Tectonics.

At A2 we cover an extended project as well as units on Sustainability and Physical unit continuation.