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Headteacher's Blog 7th January 2022

I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope a good Christmas break was had by all.  I am very excited to be back and relish the challenge and opportunities that lie ahead for Lipson in 2022. 

It had been a delight to welcome our new Head of Music, Nicola Silvester and Teacher of Science, Nicola Dawdry.  Both have had a very productive first week and I look forward to working closely with 2 such strong additions to the Lipson teaching staff.

The term started with what is becoming the norm, students attending for Lateral flow tests.  I was incredibly encouraged and pleased to see such a large proportion of the school coming in to be tested by the team.  Remarkably, we only had 4 positive cases which was quite a relief with Covid being so high profile at the moment.  In the same frame, our staff numbers are not being greatly affected by positive cases.  Fingers crossed this will continue and Covid won’t impact the progress we want to make here at Lipson.

Year 11 are on the 18-week countdown until their exams begin.  They are being given the very best chance to achieve great things with targeted intervention and a rigorous Study Café programme. Mr Mitchell will continue to be the Head of Year 11, along with Mr Boyes, who between them will ensure students get the very best opportunity for additional supported study.  

Along with Year 13, Year 11 students are preparing for their PPE, or mock exams which, in these uncertain times have to be treated as seriously as the real thing. We are determined to make every opportunity count and give students the very best chance to achieve.

In summary, I am really excited about the start of the new year and have been so encouraged by the great work ethic our students have demonstrated after returning from a 2 week break along with such fantastic social responsibility in engaging with the Covid testing scheme.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.  


Martin Brook, Headteacher