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Principal's Blog 12th May 2017

"He is lucky who, in the full tide of life, has experienced a measure of the active environment he most desires. In these days of upheaval and violent change, when the basic values of today are the vain and shattered dreams of tomorrow, there is much to be said for a philosophy which aims at living a full life while the opportunity offers. There are few treasures of more lasting worth than the experience of a way of life that is in itself wholly satisfying. Such, after all, are the only possessions of which no fate, no cosmic catastrophe can deprive us; nothing can alter the fact if for one moment in eternity we have really lived."   Shipton, E. in Upon That Mountain, 1943

This quote was sent to me by a parent who wanted to express his gratitude to the school and to the staff and volunteers who supported his son to complete the Ten Tors challenge last weekend and what a great achievement that is. I went up on Saturday morning to see the teams begin the challenge –it certainly is a great opportunity for students to participate in. With 2,400 young people setting off after the cannons fired and a helicopter hovering above made the start a fantastic experience for not only those taking part but those parents, teachers and volunteers watching as their children embarked upon the challenge. And again, a very emotional time watching them cross the finish line knowing that they have done what they went to do. Events like Ten Tors don't happen overnight and we are extremely lucky to have such experienced staff, dedicated volunteers and supportive parents to lead our young people to participate in and complete these events. Mr Twyman who has led Ten Tors at Lipson for many years received an award in recognition of his service and Mike Lake who has volunteered with Ten Tors teams for over 20 years was awarded the Gold Ten Tors Volunteer Award and medal. This is testament to the hard work, dedication and time they give to ensure our teams are well prepared to take on the challenge. Ten Tors is a life changing experience for our young people and is something that I am very proud that we are part of at Lipson. The challenge remains for us to build upon the success and maximise participation from Lipson students so we hope to see the Ten Tors experience grow in years to come.

This weekend we have our first Netball tour going to Torquay with eight of our Year 8 students. Best of luck for what I am sure will be an action packed weekend of not only netball but also adventurous activities. Many thanks to Beckie Garland for organising and giving our students this opportunity. 

Our summer sports programme is well and truly underway, with over fifty students turning out for Athletics Club this week from a range of year groups. Also, well done to our Year 7 rounders team who beat Eggbuckland 11.5 - 4.5 in one of their first rounders games of the year. 

This Tuesday, we were delighted to watch our Sixth Form Young Enterprise team, The Edge UK, being presented with the Endeavour Award at the Duke of Cornwall awards ceremony. The team– represented by Joshua Morgan, Joshua Allenby and Paula Kuczynska, have worked incredibly hard all year.  

A great part of this job is hearing how our ex-students are getting on in their chosen pathways after they leave our school. It was great to receive a tweet (that’s right I am getting with the times) from a parent of one of our ex-sixth formers who has passed out from his training with the RAF –what a great achievement. Kieran set his sights on the RAF and did not waiver –he kept the goal in sight and made his dream become reality. We are all very proud of Kieran and I look forward to hearing more about how Kieran progresses with the RAF –well done Kieran.


Mrs Lynda Budd