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Principal's Blog 5th October 2018

The term is moving on rapidly with so much accomplished already. This week Mr Boyes has been running Year 11 assemblies focussing the year group on their key priorities. It was great to see prizes being awarded for those students who had already topped the leader boards with their GCSE pod journey. Year 11 Empowering Parents event next Wednesday is an opportunity for parents to be supported in helping their child through this year. We look forward to welcoming parents to the event. 

I love having the opportunity to visit our students in lessons and see how they are engaging in their learning. It fills me with pride when I see their books filled with positive feedback. I never thought I would be mentioning the next two things in our school:

Dear Zoo-if anyone has had little ones, you will know what a lovely book it is and Elmer the Elephant.

Dear Zoo is one of our bedtime favourites with our 8 month old son. Imagine my delight when I was shown Year 7 books in French who had been translating the story. What a lovely project for them to have worked on and such a high level of French too. 


Moving onto Elmer - when Mr Phillips stopped me in the corridor and said he needed to talk to me about Elmer, I was quite surprised. Not something I thought I would hear at secondary school but what a great project he has got us involved in. The school now has an Elmer the Elephant statue to paint/ decorate and when it’s complete will be exhibited along the education trail in Mount Edgecumbe.  After which, it will be rehomed at Lipson. This is a great project for our Art tutor groups to be involved in with the potential of being accredited with an Arts award from the Arts Council.

The last two weeks has seen the majority of our Year 7 students take part and achieve a qualification in Bikeability. Students have achieved different levels varying between Level 1 and Level 3, building upon what they have completed in their primary schools.

Over 135 students have taken part in an intense course throughout the two weeks and we have seen some students who previously couldn't ride a bike, now do so safely, and those that can ride a bike; demonstrate they are safe to ride their bikes on the roads of Plymouth.

Each day was different with students being put through their paces here at Lipson before being taken offsite to learn how to ride on roads with larger volumes of traffic travelling at higher speeds. They have learnt how to negotiate more complex junctions on different routes as well as the journey they would usually take to school. The instructors have commented on how impressed they are with how our students have conducted themselves in terms of achievement and behaviour.

Mr Roulston has started a Rubiks Cube club on Tuesday lunchtimes in our LRC. He is a national speed cuber and can get anyone to complete it. Imagine the triumph when Alfie Jones managed to complete it in only two sessions. He was so chuffed. It just shows that when you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything 

The Co-Operative Big Band had an amazing experience performing at St. Mary’s Church in Plympton last weekend.  The concert was a community-based project which raised over £1,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.  A big thank you to Mrs Muriel Blackledge and Mrs Julie Rickard for organising the event.   The Big Band also performed with the Plymouth Ukulele Club and singer Oli Doney.  The Church was completely full with a wonderful audience commenting on the overall musical quality of the concert.

Some future dates to see the Jazz Quartet and Co-Operative Big Band:

The National Macmillan Coffee afternoon at the New Continental Hotel on Sunday 14th October

Buckland Abbey Xmas Fair Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November.

Lastly what an honour it was to be invited to the Lord Lieutenants awards last night which celebrated some very inspirational young people who had progressed through the Cadet forces. Taking place in Tiverton, it showcased the very best that the Cadet forces offer in Devon. This is something we wish to explore at Lipson and hope that one day we will have the opportunity of having a Cadet force within school for our young people to participate in and gain valuable experiences enriching them and their future prospects. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lynda Budd