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Lipson has a proud tradition of encouraging staff to be fully involved in CPD including postgraduate programmes of study, recognising the importance of teachers engaging in research as a vital element of an outstanding school. It also matches our values as a cooperative academy to work together to improve our understanding and expertise. John West Burnham eloquently captured the importance of teachers being engaged in a recent conference, citing the following advantages:

  • It challenges ‘false prophets’
  • Speaks the ‘truth’ to authority
  • Deconstructs socially reality
  • Promotes social justice
  • Builds knowledge base and expertise
  • Aids promotion

Staff at Lipson are encouraged to embark on postgraduate research reflecting our commitment as an academy to on-going study and to being at the cutting edge of educational research. Most of our research is undertaken alongside the University of Plymouth or the University of St Mark and St John, again demonstrating our commitment to developing local relationships. However, we do encourage staff to look for the most appropriate opportunities so have had staff work alongside RADA on postgraduate research too.

Teachers are, by their very nature, busy people but every one of these staff involved in educational research would agree that engagement in research is immensely rewarding both professionally and personally but it is also hard word, requiring a real commitment in terms of time and workload. It is this commitment to further study that makes the research community at Lipson such a vibrant group.


Title Author Completed Through
Can the Results Only Learning Environment (R.O.L.E) lead to increased student engagement and achievement in GCSE Catering? Jo Landsborough The University of St Mark and St John
Leading change within the curriculum: an exploration into the leadership experience and its short term effects.  Claire Jones  The University of St Mark and St John
How significant is pastoral intervention towards improving rates of progress using mathematics as an indicator?  Struan Mitchell  The University of St Mark and St John
An exploration into issues surrounding participation levels of girls and boys in physical activity and exercise; with a specific focus on a sample of key stage 3 & 4 students within an inner city school in the South West.   Katy Geraghty  The University of St Mark and St John

How does the curriculum offered at 14 – 16 reflect the values and ethos of Co-operative Schools?

Tracey Downes

The University of St Mark and St John

Mathematics - students perceptions of the subject. 

Linda Blount

The University of St Mark and St John
Investigation of the experience, value, obstacles and accountability of coaching in one secondary school.  Fiona Osmaston The University of St Mark and St John
Investigate how the use of success criteria within lessons may impact on the psychological variation in students.  Wendy Woodstock The University of St Mark and St John