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Lipson joined the Ted Wragg Trust in January 2022.

The Trust was formed in 2013 with one school and has now grown to 12 schools across Exeter and Devon to include seven secondary schools, four primary schools and one all through school.


The Ted Wragg Trust is privileged to be named after the great Ted Wragg. Ted passionately believed that education plays a key role in social mobility and the power of local schools working together to be the very best they can be. It is these beliefs, on which the Trust is founded.


The Ted Wragg Trust is a not for profit, charitable foundation trust which, along with its members, trustees, independent experts and schools wishes to raise the aspirations of young people and enable them to become fulfilled, confident and motivated citizens, able to contribute actively to a democratic society.

The Trust partners share Ted Wragg’s passion for education and the difference it can make to equality of opportunity for all, progression, self-esteem and ultimately success, in an increasingly competitive education and jobs market.


The priority of the Ted Wragg Trust is to ensure that pupils have a high quality all-through education. Our schools all offer a full and enriching curriculum that equips every child for long term success in life.
• Partnerships are based on networks of likeminded people working together to ensure continuous school improvement.
• Facilitating our schools to recruit great teachers; we believe that if children have the best teachers they will have a far greater opportunity to succeed.
• Working collaboratively across the Trust, bringing the schools together provides a truly remarkable and unique platform for creativity, developing ideas and implementing them to the highest standards.


The capability and capacity to offer students a truly world class provision, ensures that educational standards continue to improve collectively across all the schools and the fact that children from Ted Wragg Trust school achieve beyond expectation.

It has a track record of improving the most challenging schools and the proven ability to transform lives through its strong leadership and pupil-centric learning and social initiatives.

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