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Year 10 Work Experience 25th-29th June 2018


Year 10 will undertake 1 week of work experience from: Monday 25th June 2018 to Friday 29th June 2018.

Important Documents

Work Experience Parent Information Letter

Webview Student Guide

Work Experience Health Form

EBP-SW Work Experience Student Information

EBPSW Work Experience Parent Information

CSW Enterprise Work Placement Form


Work experience aims to provide young people with an opportunity to expand their awareness of the world of work, increase economic understanding from outside the classroom and relate their studies to work and training.

In the past, this scheme has proved invaluable as a means of professional and personal development.

Students have 2 options in finding a relevant placement:

  1. Career South West Enterprise Veryan Webview:

Students can select work experience choices from the website Veryan Webview. Training in the use of Webview will be given in school on 21st February 2018, after which they will be given an individual pin to allow access. Once logged in they will be able to access all the resources required to submit their placement.

The web address is:  and can be accessed anywhere, including from home. Placements are very competitive and will only be available on a first come first serve basis. Students are encouraged to be flexible with the options available or find their own placement as a backup. Placements in Law, Healthcare, Finance and Admin are the most popular and consequently, the most limited in vacancies. To secure a placement in one of these areas, students will have the most success if they already have a contact that can accommodate them. Employers also hold the right to withdraw their placement offer at any point, so students must be prepared to make reselections if necessary.

  1. Own lead:

Alternatively, students are free to arrange for their own placements, whether with family/friend, or approaching employers directly; simply ask the employer to fill in the form included with this letter and return to Mr Bevin.

Employers must have a valid insurance policy in place. It is vital that you discuss and support your child with the type of work experience they would like and travelling arrangements, so that they can take fast action towards selections or finding their own placement. Students must monitor the progress of their placement until they have officially secured it. Once the placement is fixed, students will need to make contact with the employer via letter, e-mail or telephone to arrange for an interview; this must be done as soon as possible. The deadline to make selections/find own placements will be:

Wednesday 28th February for placements in London.

Wednesday 28th March for placements out of the South West but not in London.

Wednesday 2nd May for placements in the South West

If students miss the final deadline, they will be allocated to a placement chosen by the school.